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Here are a variety of articles written about white sturgeon and other related issues.

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NEWS: On August 24, 2006, the white sturgeon populations of the Nechako, Upper Fraser, Kootenay and Columbia were officially designated as endangered under the Federal Species at Risk Act. Both the official news release on the SARA public registry and the official orders are viewable by clicking on the links.


NEWS RELEASE: February 14, 2007

Rustad Talks About a Fish Named Wanda in Legislature

VICTORIA - Prince George-Omineca MLA John Rustad rose in the Legislative
Precinct today to speak about a fish named Wanda.

"I stand today to talk about a fish called Wanda," began Rustad.  "This
past fall, through the efforts of the Freshwater Fisheries Society, the
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, the District of Vanderhoof and many, many
others, more than 4,000 Nechako White Sturgeon's were released into the
Nechako River."

Last year's pilot project is part of the goal to develop a conservation
fish culture program for the Nechako White Sturgeon.  The Sturgeon can
grow up to six metres and weigh as much as 800kg.  The pilot project was
funded by the Ministry of Environment, Alcan and the Freshwater
Fisheries Association.

"Last year was the first year in releasing reared fish and the group is
working towards making this event part of an ongoing effort to help
repopulate the species," said Rustad.  "I participated along with
hundreds of students in releasing these reared fish, each lovingly
registered and given a name so that their progress can be tracked."

"So, on behalf of Wanda, a Nechako White Sturgeon released last fall,
I'd ask the house to join me in thanking everyone involved in the
ongoing struggle to save this species, especially Ray Billings from the
Freshwater Fisheries Society, Cory Williamson from the Ministry of
Environment, Brian Toth of the L'heidli T'enneh First Nation and the
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, Brian Frenkel with the District of
Vanderhoof and Carla Wainwright who is the coordinator of the technical
working group."

Today marked the start of the Third Session of the 38th Parliament.
Yesterday's Speech from the Throne unveiled the B.C. Government's vision
for 2007 and beyond, including new initiatives for the environment and

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