River's Day in Vanderhoof

NWSRI along with the DOV hosted a River’s Day event at Riverside Park on the 28th of September.  There were ~200 people in attendance and the event was well received.  NWSRI hosted booths on sturgeon biology, how to track sturgeon, the boat kit program, and the grades 4-7 healthy watersheds for sturgeon school program.  Nechako white sturgeon conservation facility manager, Cory Williamson, also provided tours of the hatchery.  In addition to viewing the first juvenile sturgeon ever produced at the facility tour participants could view the two large sturgeon that were to remain at the facility over the 2014-15 winter. 

River’s Day occurs each year on the last Sunday of September.  On this day, local community groups come together to celebrate our province’s spectacular river heritage by hosting a public Rivers Day event. 

The NWSRI extends our sincere appreciation to all of the volunteers that helped make River’s Day a fun and educational experience for all!