Stuart Release 2005

On July 27th, 2005, the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative organized the release of a one year old juvenile sturgeon at Riverside Park in Vanderhoof. This fish had been captured as a larva near Vanderhoof in May 2004 and had been cared for and nurtured in a tank in Prince George for over a year. At the time of release, 'Stuart' was 27 cm long and in excellent health.

This was an important and significant event for both the community of Vanderhoof and the Recovery Initiative - this was the very first release of a white sturgeon back into the Nechako River. Because they are so few in number, every single fish is important, including Stuart!

Over 200 people came to celebrate the release of Stuart.  There was music, wonderful weather, and great enthusiasm! Stuart was safely released into the Nechako River and we all hope he/she will live a long and productive life.

Special thanks to The District of Vanderhoof, Alcan and Triton Environmental for their help with Stuart's release.